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Tigh Na Feidh:
The Second Druidic Seat

We (Greumach and Gleanntan) were recently married and have both been ordained by The Church of the Holy Grove as clerics. We are also Druids. We wish the Neo-Druids the very best, however, Greumach's background inclines us toward a more Meso-Druid view. We are interested in true Celtic Scholarship, archeology and the investigation and teaching of the truths of Druidry.

We share concern for the abused environment and the protection of the earth, our Mother, and respect for the whole creation.

History and church records prove Druidry and the Celtic Priesthood were functioning in Greumach's Clan's part of the world at least until the late 1600's, contrary to the claims of some "informed sources". It has been asserted by some and never refuted that this was still true in the late 18th century.

The Glastoratin, or First Druidic Seat, has inspired us to form Tigh Na Feidh: The Second Druidic Seat. We are a pair of Druids, whereas the Glastoratin is solitary. We salute him as a brother of the way and, while he is of the Gaulish Tradition, we are of the Gaelic Tradition. We hope other Druidic Seats will be established among the other traditions: Wales, Cornwall, Britany, Galicia And Ireland.

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Tigh Na Feidh: The Second Druidic Seat

Tigh Na Feidh: The Second Druidic Seat