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Greumach formerly lived in the West End of Glasgow with a family home in Balintore, Easter Ross. His mother was a practitioner of Gardnerian Wicca and Ritual Magic and he was an ordained Witch Cleric of the Morrigan. His father was a lifelong follower of the Druid Way who belonged to a now defunct offshoot of the AOD. Greumach has been studying Druidry his whole life.

Greumach belongs to a number of Druid organizations, including the SE Druid Coalition in the United States, the Scottish Druid Coalition and the New Order of Druids. He was also ordained as a Druid in the United States.

He was investigating Celtic survivals in the former province of Galatia; in Greece he was investigating similar survivals in Thrace (he is also a Life Member of the Northern Studies Centre at Aberdeen University, Archaeology).

Greumach has a Divinity Degree from Glasgow University, founded in 1451. He was taught by Professor W H C Frend, one of the two most eminent Church Historians and Archaeologists of his time and an expert on Gnosticism and Manichaeanism. Greumach was also taught by the Rev. Dr. Ian Muirhead, President of the Scottish Church History Society. He became a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland nearly two years before he graduated. He also worked for the Biographies Research Unit at Glasgow University for a year as a member of staff. They were engaged on a project for the DNB (Dictionary of National Biography). He also worked for the American DNB preparing a computerized data base for them. He is listed as an expert on the preparation of computerized data bases. He was responsible for all Dark Age and Roman material and all Scottish Church, and Masonic material. He also studied Clinical and Abnormal Psychology and counseling and was a Rape and Suicide Counselor. He assisted the Chaplain to Overseas Students, the Rev. Everard w Kant, a celebrated expert on Freemasonry. Greumach was involved with Professors Archie Roy and John MacDonald in experiments in Psychical Research. He was also a member of the Norse Film and Pageant Society.

As well as honours in Ecclesiastical History, Greumach has won Certificates of Merit in Scottish History, Scottish Literature, Ancient Near Eastern and Biblical Studies. He was also a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland for 18 years. He holds academic privileges in universities in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland in addition to Aberdeen as an archaeologist. He has a teaching certificate from Trinity College in London and background as a journalist both in print and television.

Greumach has supervised an archaeological project and worked on a dozen digs from Ireland to Greece. He is one of the youngest ever members of the Union of Spiritualist Mediums and worked with an exorcist and a member of the Society of Psychical Research. He is a time-served swordsmith and a prize winning painter. He has taught English History, Drama and Philosophy as well as Art and Swordsmanship.

Among Greumach's family are Kenneth R H MacKenzie, one of the leading figures of Victorian Occultism and Freemasonry; Dr. Duncan MacKenzie, a famous Arcaeologist who was Assistant to Sir Arthur Evans in his Dig A Knossoss and Head of the British School ofArchaeology Dig on Melos the Palace of Minos, the Labyrinth in Crete; and Dr. Donald MacKenzie, a well known Cultural Anthropologist who wrote "Crete and Pre-Hellenic Europe".

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