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© Greumach MacCoinneach


Book XXIII, lines 590-598

Nearby the circle of the Kings and
Girded round with bronze, enguarded
By the best of warriors strong
Lies precious treasure of the Kings
And weapons bright and armour
Such as Minos or the Kings of Troy
Know not. By Mages made in time
Long passed, before men were o'er
Titans born.

Book XXV, lines 123-132

Walled round by seas immense and deep
Enguarded by a fleet of ships uncounted
And uncountable, with armies vast,
The islands of the gods lie, bathed
By light of setting sun, beyond the
Realm of dreaded Hades, who yet
Holds sway o'er them. Therein engirdled
By great stones a precinct stands
Wherein at certain times the Sun
Himself descends to Earth.

Book XXX, lines 1-11

I of all mortal men alone have looked
Upon the gods unmasked and heard
Them laugh and seen the matter of
Their pleasures dread and heard
Their kin condemn them. Have seen
The Forest Lords draw sword against
The Gorgon hosts; the fleets go
Forth and cities old beyond the
Memory of man fall weltering
In the fires of Dragons who
Do walk as men.


Book III, lines 235-260

Rise, stranger, from thy reedy bed,
Where in thou fell from wrath of great Poseidon.
Once risen come with us or follow after
As thou willst. Take counsel offered free
Withouten recompense expected. Bend thy
Steps towards our Royal Master's house
Where all the Sun-King's nobles thou shalt see
That thou shalt not mistake it, take this
Clew. Below, enharboured lie our gallant ships,
Line all the roads, each anchored in her place.
And close beside there stands a croft of stone
Wherein the rigging for our ships is kept,
Sail cloth and cordage and the smooth straight masts.
Again, adjoining stands and close, the splendid house
Of Hades, builded strong and clad in brass,
Wherein is Judgement given and fulfilled.
Pass on, nearby that strand and hythe
Shalt find the holy place encircled with
Huge stones and open to the winds;
Before thee lie the silver gates and golden
Lintels of the Sun-King's hall; pass in.
Be not affrighted by the guards, nor yet
The majesty of it. Within thou'llt find,
If yet thou seek, the King enthroned
Under the portico, with rugs of royal purple,
And on fleecy couch resplendent.

Book V, lines 110-140

Within that hall as bright as noon at midnight,
Brazen walled and domed with crystal adamaunt,
Enthroned on Gryphon thrones were Hades, Just of
Judgement, and Kore Persephone, the Mistress
Of Misrule; he armoured at all points, black as his beard,
She gold impaled and naked as the day of birth and bald.
Before the God and Autocrat there stood
The Axe of Judgement, before the Goddess Vile
The Khepesh of Revenge. His wisdom was unbounded
As his woe, her intellect as twisted as her soul.
Afront the thrones, upon the seat of witness, Lugh,
God-King and craftsman, bard and Dru-edain, he bore
A message, chanced could spell the end for Sidhe
And gods alike. For Stheno dark and Euryale the fell
Had gathered in the mountains to the North a Gorgon
Host as vast in number as the waves on sea, both armed
And ripe to kill, and other monstrous things than
Gorgons worse, the Harpies and the Furies rode with
Them upon Boreas' blast, and Cyclopeans hideous
And vast, and Khenta wild and cruel with the
Drink was fed to them by Stheno's evil priests.
In tension theirs to smite the Empire flat and
Burn the City from the Earth away, as though't
Had never been; and Hades slay and make
Kore the Queen and God alone, set evil on
The throne untrammelled and uncontrolled.
Persephone's eyes alight with glee the dark orbs
Of her husband met and Hades bid Lugh slay
The darkling host, leave not a single one
Of Fomor's children breathing on the Earth,
Who Hecate had slain.


Book V, lines 160-190

Then Oghma, ancient warrior bold and son of Zeus of Crete,
Known well as great of wit as strength, did give
To Lugh his read in this wise speaking, measuring
His words. Great King and God give ear to me, a
Man of many years, for Persephone the Vile,
That monster treble-paired of breast and blent
With gold, doth wish thy banner death and
Even now her spies, the Erinnyes, wing
North to warn dark Stheno that you come.
For that she knows you do, she’ll wait
At Pendryvvan in massive force, believing
As she does your army will move Northward
After her in chase. I say you must not go
As she expect. To harbour, Lord, and take
Your ships and sail, gain reinforcements from
Your Sunset Isle and swiftly after sail again to
Vascon’s Bay and there you disembark your strength,
Ride swiftly sunrisewards and strike upon her walls
As Boreas’ Winds in winter bring the snow.
Her army ’s bronze, yours ’s steel and hers
Afoot while yours ahorse. She does not
Know your strength and speed my Lord.
Perchance they sister Temaire she would give
Us aid emportalling her Amazons from far
Beyond the Inland Sea, for while we’ve
Swords aplenty, yet with axe and bow
Her warriors are strong, while in those
Arms we’re weaker than our enemies.
And speaking thus he left to don his
Lion’s skin and gird on him his mace.


Atop a steed could stride the clouds,
Clad in black armour stronger than the strongest
Bronze that Mycenae can show and armed with
A sword had blade as bright as Helios' rays she sat.
Her mantle red as blood and bordered gold
Blew in the wind; upon her faceless helm a crest,
Plucked from the manes of manticores and dyed
To carmine hue, was vaunting in Aeolus' blast.
Behind her, rank on rank ten thousand horse
Were ranged upon the hill, their swords like
Hydra's teeth. No sound they made but sat
And waited for a word and looked upon their foes
Below, dread Stheno and the Gorgon Host
With spears of bronze as many as the masts
Of Minos' fleet off Sounion, their armour
Like unto the brazen scales of lizards fabulous
And in their hearts no mercy. Ten thousand
Then ten thousand more and five, convinced
That Kore's laxity gave them permission to
Engulf the Earth. They spread upon the
Plain like ants or liker to a grove of trees
Brass plate. Cernoval, Captain of the host,
Did raise her sword-tipped hand and then
Let fall the fray set on and I
Unwilling, clad in armour strong beside
Her rode into the glen of death.


Book XL Lines 300-316

The Master Mage Geleriel by name did cast his
Spells abroad and lo within a circle made of air
A vision formed as real as any land, with mountains
High and capped with snow wherein the rivers
Ran and eagles soared above, and thenceforth
Rode the host that Firehair ruled by order
Of the God-King Lugh. With banners bright
And panoply of war, on horses grey the
Warriors rode forth to Otherwhere and Otherwhen.
They went, and when the last rode through
A curtain closed of mist as bright in colour
As the rainbow is, and at the last came darkness
And the sound of curlew lone and all were
Gone and vanished in the gyre. Returned we to
Our ships and thence came home. No shadow of
That host remained; we never saw again our
Comrades of the war.

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